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How do you define a VPN?

Before you use Free VPN, you should have a clear ide about what a VPN network is and how it works. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a type of secure connection which is established online. In a VPN connection, no traffic or data is exchanges between a sender and a recipient. The data is first encrypted and sent to the VPN server through a VPN tunnel. While passing through the VPN tunnel, the data passes through various security features before reaching the end user. This tunnelling of data along with advanced encryption ensures the security of your data.

A VPN also hides your public IP address and makes your location untraceable to hackers. An attacker only sees the shared IP address of the VPN server and hence never knows the source of data.

You can change your location on Google

Google, the popular internet search engine has a localised feature which modifies your search results as per your physical location. For example, if you live in London, your search results will be customized as per UK. Not ever user likes this feature and with Free VPN you can bypass this forced search localisation. All you have to do is to access Google using website “ISearchFrom.com” and you will be able to select your desired location and get local results for the same location.

For instance, you will be able to enjoy US based search results through website “ISearchFrom.com” while still being located in the UK.

Use Free VPN for Skype

Skype is a popular chat and video call application platform owned by Microsoft. The application is equally popular with personal as well as enterprise users. Though Skype is widely used online, it does have security loopholes which can put users to security vulnerability while exchanging messages or making video calls. In such a scenario, Free VPn is certainly the best alternative which helps users make secure interactions via Skype.

When you connect to Skype via Free VPN, your personal data remains hidden and your outgoing information such as video calls and chat messages are secure too. Your device will not have any direct trace ability and you can enjoy a secure and anonymous Skype experience.

You can use a VPN network for downloading torrents

A torrent is a shared download file obtained as a uTorrent or BitTorrent. Though downloading torrents helps users obtain various programs and files with ease, they can also turnout to be a nightmare if the file is a malicious code. Additionally, the users actions may also be tracked online while they are downloading files hence increasing the security risk.

To ensure your security and anonymity while you download torrents, you may decide to use  VPN service. Free VPN will make your personal identity hidden along with your location so that you stay safe from any malware and viruses.

How do I use FreeVPN for online streaming?

Online streaming is an interesting service while exposing subscribers to a variety of security risks. When you use Free VPN for online streaming, you can greatly enhance your personal security since your device and IP address stays hidden and any security breach is automatically countered by VPN.

Free VPN can also help you stream TV shows and movies while bypassing the location based limitations. You may connect to Free VPN and use servers in the country from which your favorite program is distributed from.

Censorship in the modern world

Censorship has been practiced historically as a means to supress and filter access to data which is considered harmful or violent by regulatory organizations, government agencies and media houses. Such a mechanism prevents an ideology to be forced on people and also at the same time ensures another one which is forced on them. Countries such as North Korea and China use censorship as a means to protect their people from gaining access to certain websites and media which they consider as being harmful.

How to change your iPhone device location?

GPS tracking is a common feature of an iphone which tracks your phone location and uses this data for features such as geotagging on photos and social media posts. However, there are occasions when you do not want your location to be tracked and that’s why you can manually change your location in a jailbroken phone.

Jailbroken phone is one which can be modified for developing features. A jailbroken phone can use GPS spoof applications like LocationFaker to change location. You can switch to your default GPS location anytime you decide to discontinue the app.

What are Proxy Servers and how are they useful for you?

A proxy server is a device located between a private network or personal device and internet or web server. When you use a proxy server, the following take place:

  1. A client device sends a request to the proxy in the form of a web page or a file.
  2. Proxy server checks its cache and completes the request if possible, or if it cannot, it contacts the end server to complete the request.
  3. On receiving the request, it stores request in a cache and shows the result to the client.

Using proxy servers can protect your data and your device from malicious attacks.

What are Internet Cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is stored either on your device or web browser only after obtaining permission from you to do so. This stored information is used by websites to monitor your browsing habits and then use this data to offer you customized content.

Cookies may be perfectly legitimate and popular means of profiling users, but some users may not like to be profiles. You may review your acceptance of cookies and then manage them closely, though they do not infect your computer.

How to browse the web anonymously?

Browsing the web anonymously is quite possible using various methods:

  1. Use an anonymity service such as Tor network. Such a network has a series of decides or notes to scramble data flow path. The original device location hence can’t be traced.
  2. A VPN service such as FreeVPN.se hides your public IP address and thus prevents hackers from tracking your data and device while you browse the web safely.

Anonymous browsing is recommended for safety conscious users who vouch for online privacy as their right while browsing the internet.