About Us

This free VPN service is here to help you enjoy a superior, reliable and secure web browsing experience. At FreeVPN, we ensure that your confidential information is protected each time you browse the web. Our VPN service hides your public IP address from web hackers and encrypts your data for higher protection. We are sure you won’t find a better VPN service provider with impeccable service uptime.

Our VPN can help you in the following:

  • Encrypt your confidential information
  • Protect your personal identity online
  • Help you in safely connecting with community
  • Download files safely
  • Counter hackers
  • Secure your wi-fi connection

When using this Free VPN be, you can expect a fast and secure web connectivity. We you’re your IP address and hence there is no chance of vulnerability for your technical device. Any information sent by you online is encrypted and hence it cannot be intercepted by hackers or malware. Our fast VPN speed helps you download heavy files with ease and securely.

Why use FreeVPN for Online activity?

If you are thinking that you may not need a VPN connection for safe browsing, you must think again. In the current era of modern technology, there are plenty of malicious users who can steal your data and use it for their own gains. There are many threats online like hackers and viruses. You can buy a great piece of mind by protecting yourself from such threats by using safe applications such as Free VPN.

Why use freevpn.co.uk?

Well, why should you select FreeVPN.co.uk? What services do we offer? What makes us different and certainly the best and secure choice for you? Let us answer these questions for you.

We know the web: You can depend on us for internet expertise and its security processes. We have taken great care in designing our VPN service to protect your personal information from any potential attacks.

We care about your privacy: We respect your basic right to privacy and are excited to serve you with our professional VPN system which is highly reliable and secure.

Who can benefit from using freevpn.co.uk?

Multi-location Businesses: Our Free VPN network allows your employees to securely connect to office internet. Your confidential data is protected and you can easily work from any work location.

Families with relatives overseas: If you have a family member living abroad, Free VPN can help you safely connect with them and enjoy facilities such as private video calls.

Travellers: For those who love travelling, Free VPN allows a seamless and secure access to hotel wi-fi networks without worrying about data theft issues.

Security seekers: We help every security conscious user enjoy a safe and uninterrupted web browsing experience using FreeVPN.co.uk.

So, if you desire an unparalleled secure and fast web browsing experience, switch to FreeVPN.co.uk today!